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    Ade Ade Foods Natural Roasted Peanuts 300g

    As peanuts are genuinely good for health, you can consume them more desirably when the taste is much good. The flavorful peanuts by Ade Ade Foods are roasted naturally to provide a pure natural taste. You can also avail a lot of health benefits by eating these tasty peanuts!   

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    Ades Tropical Plantain Chips Variety 35g (Pack of 12)

    Ades never compromises on its product quality and always use the best natural ingredients for their production. Another top-quality ready snack by Ades, rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals is going to impress your taste buds with its 100% natural amazing taste. You can’t stop your mouth from wanting it again and again once you start munching!

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    Asiko Exotic Crisps Plantain Variety 75g

    Indulge in a tasty treat with these Exotic Crisps Ripe Plantain. Free of trans fat, they offer a healthier alternative to potato chips and other sugar-ladened snacks.  Enjoy a healthy snack with these Mariquitas plantain chips.

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    Aziza Kuli Kuli

    Kuli Kuli is a West African Snack that is widely consumed and loved by the people. It is has a slight good crunchy taste because it is primarily made from Peanuts. It is a pack of proteins along with some minerals and Vitamin D.

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    Blesing Chin Chin

    The natural spices mixed ready snack the Chin Chin is offering you the best taste for your tongue and healthy food for your stomach. Blesing Chin Chin has abundant health benefits hidden inside as it is made with fully natural healthy ingredients. The best solution to keep your mouth busy 24/7!

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    Bmac Plantain Crisps Variety 60g

    The amazing top-quality delicious ready meal is introduced by Bmac to fill your tummy asking for few but yummy snacks.  It is processed from the finest Caribbean plant, giving it the most natural sweet taste. You can also serve it as a great side dish. One can’t miss this tasty meal!

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    Delicious Kuli Kuli

    Kuli Kuli is the most famous snack in Nigeria. The Delicious Kuli Kuli has brought a perfect combination of sweet and spice taste. It is widely loved and consumed by the people of Nigeria due to its best taste and many nutrients composition. Gentle on the tongue, healthy for the body!

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    Haffinique Cocktail Peanut (250g)

    Peanuts are considered one of the best snacks of all time. Haffinique has introduced the most delicious and fully nutritious peanuts ideal to enjoy every time; while watching serials or movies while taking tea or coffee, or while during the study. Serve it on your table and enjoy munching peanuts and talking with all your family!

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    Haffinique Cocktail Peanut (510g)

    Peanuts are widely taken as the all-time snacks in Africa. It is one of the most popular snacks, loved greatly by all ages of people. It is also consumed because of its good taste and a bunch of health benefits. Keep your mouth busy in munching Haffinique Cocktail Peanuts.

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    Joy Foods Chin Chin 150g

    Joy foods brand has decided to break your small cravings by presenting the really tasty snacks the “Chin chin”.  Prepared from the dough, these snacks are considered highly nutritious food to blow out the fire of people’s small cravings.

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    Maliban Gem Sweet Biscuit 200g

    Get a taste of our sweet and crispy snacks for your guilty pleasure. Maliban Adored by kids, these tiny flavorful biscuits are a fun snack. They are great to have around the home for any time your child gets hungry. They also make a welcome treat when packed into your child’s lunch box. Perfectly soft and buttery cherry thumbprint cookies. These little gems are not too sweet and pairs very well with a cup of tea/coffee.

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    Olu Olu Plantain Chips Variety 60g