This Cookie Policy explains how Nako General Food Store may use cookies, and other similar tacking technologies, to help with the performance and usability of this website.

Please read the contents of this policy carefully to understand what cookies and other similar tracking technologies we may use, how and why we may use them, and how you can manage their use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that a website places on your computer or device when you visit a website.

Cookies are used to help users navigate a website efficiently and perform particular functions.

Types of cookies

First and third-party cookies

First party cookies are set and created directly by the website visited.

Third party cookies are set by other entities such as social media, search engines and advertising networks.

Session and persistent cookies

Cookies are either referred to as session or persistent, depending on the amount of time they are used.

Session cookies only last for your online session and are removed from your computer or device when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies may stay on your computer or device, following closing your browser session, for a fixed length of time or until they are deleted.

Our use of cookies

Using cookies helps distinguish you from other users and enables Nako General Food Store to increase your experience by improving understanding of your use of our site. 

Cookies enables our website to remember your activities and preferences (such as account login, items placed in our shopping cart, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-keying them each time you return to our site or browse from one page to another.

Therefore, we may at any time use the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are vital to the operation of our website. They help support the structure of the pages that are presented to you, help to improve navigation and allow you to return to pages you have previously visited.

More specifically, we may use these types of cookies to:

  • Recognise you as being signed in to secure areas on our website
  • Remember the items you have placed in the shopping cart when you reach the checkout page
  • Recognise you have permitted the use of cookies on this website
  • Allow us to trial different designs on our website

Performance cookies. These cookies allow Nako General Food Store to count the number of visits and traffic sources so we can monitor and improve the performance of our site. They help us identify which pages are the most and least popular and see how users navigate our website.

More specifically, we may use these types of cookies to:

  • Make use of statistics to evaluate how our website is used (including choices that you have made and products and services that you have viewed through your use of this website)
  • Understand the effectiveness of our adverts
  • Enable us to monitor and improve our website by analysing your behaviour and outcomes
  • Gather your thoughts and feedback on your website experience

Functional cookies. These cookies enable our website to provide greater functionality and personalisation (for example, your choice of language or region).

More specifically, we may use these types of cookies to:

  • Recall settings you’ve applied (such as layout, text size, preferences and colours)
  • Recall choices you have made (such as search functions and results, and products and services)
  • Share information with appropriate third-party providers to deliver a service on this website. The material shared will only to be used to deliver the service and not for any other reason
  • Enable facilities such as the use of map and location services, video content for replay and website search functionality
  • Share content with social media networks

Targeting/Advertising cookies. These cookies track your online activity to help chosen third party advertisers deliver more pertinent advertising or to restrict how many times you see an advert. These cookies can share that information with other entities which can include advertisers.

More specifically, we may use these types of cookies to:

  • Personalise your website experience via specifically tailored content and promotions
  • Personalise advertising based on your interests and activities
  • Review and enhance the usefulness of our adverts
  • Restrict the frequency you may be presented with adverts
  • Generate a profile of you formed by the interest you have shown on our products and services

Please note that all of the above cookies can be session or persistent cookies.

Other similar tracking technologies

Nako General Food Store may use other similar tracking technologies to cookies on this website, such as web beacons and tracking pixels, to help improve your online experience.

A web beacon or pixel tag is a very small object or image embedded in a webpage or email. These can be used to track the number of users who have visited specific pages and viewed emails, and obtain other statistical information.

Sharing from our website

Be aware by clicking on a hyperlink from this website that takes you to a third-party website, you could be sent cookies from these websites. Nako General Food Store does not have any control over the setting of these cookies. You are advised to check the third-party websites for specific information concerning their cookies and how you may manage them.

How can you give consent for using cookies?

Consent for Nako General Food Store to use cookies, as detailed in the policy, can be given on your initial visit to this site by clicking the box or banner that pops up to allow us to use them.

Your ongoing consent for our use of cookies is acknowledged by you continuing to browse our website.

You can also allow cookies through the settings of the browser you are using.

How to manage cookies

The majority of web browsers allow some control of most cookies via the browser settings. The following links to popular browsers may assist you in managing your cookies settings, or you can use the ‘Help’ option in your internet browser for additional details.

To find out more information on how to control, disable and delete cookies, please visit or

Please be aware that blocking or disabling cookies could alter the functionality of our site and others that you may visit. This might result in disabling particular functions and features of this site. Therefore, it is advisable not to disable cookies.

Changes to this policy

Nako General Food Store may make revisions to this policy where there are changes to the cookies we use or for legal, regulatory of other operational reasons.

When we apply changes to this policy, we will revise the ‘Effective and Last updated’ date at the bottom of this policy.

Please therefore re-visit this policy regularly to keep up to date on our use of cookies.

Further information

If you have any queries concerning our use of cookies, please email


Effective and last updated: 15/01/2021

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