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Sourcing the best African Grocery Goods.

Nako is a African grocery store that has been supporting the afro-Caribbean community for the last 20 years in the heart of east London (Hackney) with products ranging from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and the West Indies.

Welcome to Nako General Food Store, a grocery store with a difference and a purpose. We are one of the leading, and go-to stores in London as far as West African and Caribbean food items are concerned. 

Our store features some of the best and the most sought-after food and grocery from all over the world. With thousands of loyal customers who keep coming back and pushing us to do more, we have created our online store to enable us reach and serve more people in London and other places. 

It’s been a long time coming though; we are not the type to forget the days of little beginnings, and we never shy away from making our potential customers see where we are coming from. Our history says a lot about our tenacity and the direction in which we are headed.


Our mission at Nako General Food Store is to:

  • Provide fresh, high-quality food items at the best prices possible.

  • To help families improve their health and give them an opportunity to always connect with their roots and culture, making them feel like they never left home.

Nako General Food Store started in a small container off Ridley Road market in Dalston. The goal was to serve as a hub for Africans and Caribbean’s to purchase grocery and food items that originate from their native countries.

Before we came on-board, we noticed the huge demand for these country-specific produce, but we also noticed that the market wasn’t served effectively. So, we decided to come in to bridge the gap and own the niche. 

Fast-forward to twenty years later and we are now one of the leading providers of African and Caribbean food items in London and beyond. 

We built our customer base from the ground up and when it was time to expand, we moved to the middle of the market at No. 39 & 41 

Now having served and put smiles on the faces of many customers over the last 20 years from our offline store, it only makes sense to set up an online store to reach more customers and further cement our commitment towards providing fresh, hygienic, African and Caribbean food items at affordable prices.


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