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    Oyebola Chin Chin 160g

    Oyebola Chin chin is a 100% natural and crunchy fried snack that features a good crunchy taste. It is prepared from the well-prepared dough. You can enjoy eating these flavorful snacks during your evening times. It is a highly nutritious food that is a source of many vitamins and energy reserves.

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    Skippygold Tropical Natural Peanut 510g

    Skippygold is one of the famous brands and has now introduced fully natural and tasteful peanuts. Peanuts seem to be small but it carries an ample amount of proteins and other nutrients that are best in giving many health benefits. Overall, consumption of peanuts every day can lead you towards living a healthy life.

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    Tabitha’s Chin Chin

    A traditional African delicacy, Chin chin is a traditional Nigerian recipe for a ready to eat classic snack mostly popular at festive times. It is a fried snack in West Africa. which is also known for its health benefits as well.

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    Tabitha’s Original Flavor Chin Chin 160g

    Chin chin is a traditional Nigerian recipe that is considered one of the best snacks of all time, especially during festivals. So, the brand “Tabitha” has brought the most flavorful and natural Traditional African delicacy “chin chin” pack that is a pack of many nutrients.

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    TomTom Strong Menthol Flavored Candy 40g

    TomTom products are always loved by the people due to their fresh, natural, and strong quality. These are the combined black and white-colored oval-shaped candies that have a strong menthol flavor packed inside. So, the best way to let your breath stay cool is to have these tasty TomTom Strong Menthol Flavored candies. The number.1 Nigerian Candy is waiting to cool your mouth!

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    Top Specialist Chin Chin Chili 135g

    The tasty ready snack is in front of you, ready to blow out your stomach’s fire with its super chili taste. Best for the people who love to eat spicy snacks all the time. Made with the best quality, natural ingredients; capable of providing many health benefits.

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    Tropical Sun Crunchy Coconut Peanuts 165g

    As Tropical Sun always produces the finest quality products at affordable prices, the Tropical Sun Crunchy Coconut Peanuts is one of them. These crunches are roasted and coated with coconut cream means that it is a pack of many healthy nutrients. When you start munching Tropical sun peanuts you will not be able to stop yourself by eating these flavorful crunchy peanuts. The best healthy snack of all time!

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    Uche Foods Coconut Chin Chin

    The coconut snacks are really good in taste and high in benefits. So, the Uche Foods Coconut Chin Chin is the best choice for munching the healthy snack all the time. You can also serve these Chin chins proudly with the confidence that all people will surely love it!