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    Action Herbal Bitters 500ml

    100 % vegetable Action Herbal Bitters aids in regaining the body in its natural shape with benefits of curbing sugar cravings. It helps with issues relating to colon like constipation. It purifies the blood and most importantly it is sugar free and made purely traditionally with 100 % herbal ingredients, reclaiming the gratification of life.

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    Adom Koo Capsules

    Are you suffering from piles or waist pains? Say bye to these pains and start using Adam Koo capsules. These capsules are found best to deal with piles, waist pains, or constipation. Consume it with your doctor’s advice if you are suffering from other diseases too.

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    Adutwumwaa Bitters

    Now you are not going to with more pains! The world-famous drug “Adutwumwaa bitters” has cured many people with its great composition of natural herbs. It has been serving humanity for over 3 decades and still gives profound effects against several pains include menstrual pains, piles, hypertension, rheumatism, constipation, and other general body pains.

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    African Flip Flops

    The African flip flops are best for your regular usage at home that doesn’t let the feet tired. With the thickly-padded underfoot, you can easily work all day without your feet getting hurt. With high-quality materials, it is made water-resistant to keep the water and pressure away from your sole. The easy-to-wear and easy-to-takeoff facilities are here that is what you always keep wondering!

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    Alafia Kooko Bitters

    No more waist pains! A perfect formula assembled in “Alafia Kooko Bitters” is specially designed to fight with piles and waist pains. Furthermore, it also performs the following functions:

    • Cleaning and Maintenance of vital organs.
    • Regulation of excess water and weight loss.
    • Has an anti-inflammatory property.
    • Detoxifies harmful particles.
    • Maintain regular bowel movement.
    • Renews energy.
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    Black Soap

    Raw African Black Soap is sourced directly from Ghana and is organic, unprocessed and raw. African Black Soap is a natural exfoliant and antimicrobial which can help reduce the appearance acne, dark spots and fine lines.

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    Closeup ever fresh Toothpaste 140g (Pack of 3)

    Say hello to your 24/7 fresh breathe by making the right selection of toothpaste-like “CLOSEUP Ever fresh “. Its Anti-bacterial mouthwash formula infused with the power of active zinc is capable of fighting 99% germs. Moreover, its’ gel goes through every corner of the mouth to apply cleaning action everywhere. Its fluoride content restores the enamel layer and thus, protects the teeth.

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    Dabur Herbal Basilic Toothpaste 100g

    Dabur Herbal Basilic is naturally formulated fluoride free with Basil extract which aids in the prevention of anti-bacteria leaving a fresh breath throughout the day. Calcium and Acacia Arabica are naturally occurring ingredients which keeps your teeth and gums healthy. It formula helps in eliminating the formation of plague, tooth decays and prevents bad breaths. Basil is considered as a natural antimicrobial herb and considered as the best Ayurvedic herbal toothpaste. It is preservative free with no artificial flavors added and gluten- free which is benefitting for vegetarians.

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    Dettol Cool Antibacterial Soap

    Dettol 100X Cool Antibacterial Soap is an anti – bacterial soap with menthol infused to provide crispy freshness 100 times more. It is available in three different packaging sizes of 65 g, 110 g, and 160 g. It revitalizes your skin and helps in maintaining hygiene to the maximum. It is highly recommended for people who face infections of skin and other infections of respiratory and many unseen germs that are unseen through a naked eye as it is germs killing warrior.

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    Dr. Aladdin 7 Keys Herbal Mixture 200ml

    Its main purpose is Cleansing & Detoxification of the body from skin diseases like measles, chicken pox or other sorts of inflammation. It dries off the pox keeping the skin clean and very safe to use for kids and adults

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    Getadd Cottage Fresh Alata Samina Pure Herbal Soap Super Tone 550g

    Do you want to bring natural fairness to your skin, even after a sunburn? Try out the fully natural and alcohol-free Getadd Cottage Alata Samina Black soap that helps to eliminate dark spots or damage to the skin without any side effects. It is gentle on the skin and carries no bad smell.  The pure herbal soap with many minerals gives your skin a long-lasting freshness ever. You will also be thankful for its super tone quality!

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    Living Bitters Capsules 30 Capsules

    Living Bitters capsules are famous all world because of their variety of beneficial effects on the body. It improves the immune system of a person, eliminates irregular pains and thus, balances the normal functions of the body. Ultimately, it is a formula to maintain normal health!