Excelsior Swift-Lite Charcoal 80 Tablets Box of 8


Treat poisoning effectively and quickly with the activated charcoal tablets. Must take care of the warnings and precautions to stay safe and secure. Pack and roll properly after opening to have the same quick lightning and long-lasting burn effects afterward.

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Quantity: Box of 8

Storage: resealed rolls properly to maintain freshness and store in a cool dry place. The properly sealing you do, the more effectively it lightens up quickly for a long time burn.


  • Take out a single tablet from the sealed roll carefully.
  • Place this tablet in the tobacco holder on the top of the tobacco.
  • Light the edge of a table using a matchbox or taper.
  • Let it burn out and cool.

To extinguish, quench it in a cold water container.


  • Don’t handle the tablet after burning otherwise; it will cause damage tissue damage.
  • Don’t dispose of the ashes in a bin, as it may cause fire sometimes.
  • Don’t hold your tablet in hand when lit.

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