4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Agbo

Agbo is a herbal concoction native to Yoruba tribes in Nigeria, but it is slowly penetrating communities across Africa.

It is made by boiling leaves, roots, and/or barks of specific trees in water or infusing them in alcohol. It is usually made by trained herbalists and hawked around major cities by women called SisiAlagbo. There are women in market places who sell herbal Agbo blends in raw forms – They are called ElewoOmo.

For now, there are up to 5 popular types of Agbo in circulation:

Agbo Iba for malaria, Agbo Iba Ponto or AgboIjede for typhoid fever, Agbo Jedi-Jedi for
dysentery, Agbo Ara Riro for body aches, and Agbo Atosi touted to cure sexually transmitted infections. There are also special blends that act as an aphrodisiac.

One thing is common with all the types of Agbo available – A pungent smell and bitter taste.

Let’s explore the benefits of drinking this herbal concoction.

4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Agbo

1. It acts as a detoxifier: According to a survey , Agbo Jedi-Jedi is the most frequently consumed agbo because of how it effectively cleanses the blood of waste.

It is used to regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and support homeostasis. Many Africans testify that agbo helps treat typhoid caused by food poisoning, stomach ache, and hemorrhoids via natural detoxification.

2. It is 100% safe and natural: Unlike synthetic medicine that has been processed over again, Agbo is organic Roots, leaves, and bark of plants are boiled and infused in water or alcohol. It is nature’s gift to man.

The best kind of medicine is the one that comes directly from mother Earth. It means that there are no side effects of using agbo, except when it is consumed excessively.

It is not synthesized from chemical compounds in the laboratory or preserved by artificial preservatives, so you don’t have to fret about expiration dates too. Agbo has been used for centuries in different African homes for disease prevention and management.

3. It can be used to increase sexual performance: There are no scientific studies to prove this, but anecdotal evidence says that Agbo helps to improve sexual performance and satisfaction. It acts as an aphrodisiac.

Men drink it to treat erectile dysfunction and lengthen their staying power, and women drink it to increase their vaginal warmth. There are special herbal blends for men and women who desire to increase their libido and agility under the sheets.

Agbo also helps to treat some sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea and staphylococcus.

4. It helps to fight inflammation: According to a review published in the Journal of Drug Metabolism and Toxicology , Agbo possesses high antioxidant and phenolic content, which makes it effective in fighting oxidative stress.

This is why Agbo is taken to alleviate waist pains and rheumatoid. It helps to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.